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Why THC Distillate Changes the Edibles Game

You may have heard of the distillery process before in practices such as alcohol distillation and breweries. Humans have been searching for ways to purify substances for hundreds of years to produce the perfect product. But when it comes to the THC distillate process, there’s much you might be wondering about.
A distillate process in and of itself is when a liquid substance is boiled to create a pure concentrate. In the case of THC, the pure concentrate can be achieved through THC distillation.
Read on to learn more about the intricate process of THC distillation.

The Basics :

If you’re a bit unfamiliar with cannabis, it’s evident that much has surfaced about it’s ranging benefits and effects on the human body,
Cannabinoids are tiny particles that are ingested or inhaled and travel through the body and brain. They produce effects that can be described as a “high”, and are scientifically proven to lower your anxiety and relieve pain.
Two of the most common compounds that usually get confused are THC and CBD. Though both release transmitters that affect the way you feel, act and even sleep, the anatomies of both compounds are different.
THC has a psychoactive compound that helps achieve a “high”. CBD works with other parts of your body to help achieve a “well-being” feeling.
In the case of THC, distillation allows all the impurities of the substance to be removed, allowing for the ethanol mixture to be purified.

The Process :

During the process of THC distillation, any impure particles from the cannabis plant are filtered. This results in a purer concentrate.
But how complicated is the process? To achieve a pure and potent THC distillate, such practices call for an experienced chemist to achieve the pure substance in a safe way.
For such reasons, it is not recommended that this process be done at home. Usually, this process is only successful in a controlled environment such as a lab.
The process begins by applying a higher temperature during the extraction. Raising the temperature helps eliminate any unwanted substances. It is so pure that even chlorophyll is completely removed from the equation.
Next, the focus is on terpenes and flavonoids that give way to distinctive tasting types of cannabis.
Terpenes are tiny oils that are responsible for the cannabis smell and flavor. Flavonoids are particles that produce different tastes when combined with terpenes.

All of these compounds have different boiling points. This makes the boiling process a difficult task without the proper setup and equipment. This step in the distillation process is very sensitive. Any mistakes can completely destroy the THC distillate.
Properly distilled THC results in a pure concentrate that is hard to beat. Most would compare the final product to a substance similar to gooey honey.
While the cannabis flower usually contains about 20% THC, distillation when achieved properly can provide about 95% pure THC. The purified process allows you to use the oil in a pen, joint, and even a decadent edible.

The Benefits :

Inhaling THC from the cannabis flower oftentimes means exposure to certain toxic pesticides. Other particles like carcinogens and harmful chemicals might be present in weed or hemp. Exposure to these toxins over an extended period of time can lead to health complications that you want to avoid.
THC distillation ensures that most of these particles and substances are heavily reduced and filtered in the boiling process, resulting in a much cleaner and healthier THC.
Similarly, if the process is done correctly, using THC distillates for edibles will facilitate your oil use. It will also remove any possibility of burning the weed, which usually results in less flavorful and dull edibles.
It also means you’ll be cooking or baking discreetly, without any of the undesirable marijuana smell. Whether you’re looking to dab the concentrate under your tongue for the desirable effects of calming anxiety or helping you sleep, the odorless substance is one less thing to worry about.

THC Distillate & Cooking:

Mixing your THC distillate in your favorite cooking or baking ingredients is easy. You can combine butter, milk, honey, chocolate, and even coffee with the purified substance to make the ultimate edibles.
It’s easy to find out more ways to get creative with THC distillates if you do a little research.
For example, it can even be integrated discretely into meals such as salad dressings, olive oils in pasta and soups. Really, any oily decadence you crave. Though THC distillation works wonders in the culinary world, starting light and small is recommended for such a potent substance.

THC Distillate & Health :
In recent years, it has been known that medical marijuana helps treat chronic illnesses. It serves by managing pain and reducing any unwanted side effects or symptoms of illnesses.
Cancer patients rely on the medical substance to alleviate unpleasant symptoms that may otherwise be impossible to relieve. In many cases, it helps reduce vomiting and nausea symptoms and other nerve pains that frequently occur as a result of chemotherapy.

The Purity of THC Distillate :

THC distillation offers pain relief to patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, and sleeping disorders. The distillates offer symptom relief from chronic illness pain and patients with cancer.
When properly achieved, the THC distillate process opens the doors to a whole new world of edible baking and culinary discoveries. It also provides a cleaner and safer way to achieve a desired high without exposure to harmful chemicals.
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